Focus of our work

Window washing for the future


The use of the LEPO robot reduces the risks of accidents at work in hazardous environments.

Renewable energies

LEPO robot uses renewable energy via solar panels, and reduces water consumption. There is no longer the dispersion of water

Less time

The working time for cleaning a building is reduced by 90%


LEPO robot panels can be modified according to customer needs

Technical data

Advantages of LEPO System  

LED Display

Thanks to the high-resolution display, the LEPO System can broadcast online advertising day and night


The robot is programmed according to the times and times of the customer and can be followed at any time during the wash, thanks to the video camera, which also allows a view to the city and from which you can take photos


LEPO using sensors to track on which part of the building needs to be or to spot any objects on windows

Mobile APP

All our customers will have the app installed on their device created in maximum security from which they will be able to program the robot, check its position, the percentage of the battery and watch live video of their machinery

Manual or Automatic mode

LEPO System is a fully automatic and programmable robot. It can also be controlled manually thanks to the LEPO App

Fast and efficient

The customer will have the clean (safe and bright) of his building, a return thanks to advertising and will exploit the surface of the skyscraper in a fun and attractive way

Road to future with LEPO

“Science is nothing but a perversion if it does not have as its ultimate goal the improvement of the conditions of humanity. Let the future tell the truth and judge each one according to his own works and objectives.” Nikola Tesla

“On the quote of a genius who was Nikola Tesla we can add that science and research must continue every day, we have been created to leave our own pace in the universe and on the planet earth that is big or small, but we must not stop for no reason in this mission. ” Lepo Company

«Simplicity is true sophistication»

We introduce you to LEPO for a beautiful window on the world.

Marko Lepovic

Founder / President

Martina Lepovic

Founder / CEO

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